Bio: Fosstafarian Larry Cafiero is a Free Open Source Software and Hardware advocate who lives in Felton, California, U.S.A. A newspaper editor by profession, he is also a small office/home office consultant in converting SOHO environments to FOSS programs and open hardware through his consultancy, Redwood Digital Research. He also serves as the Publicity Chairperson for the Southern California Linux Expo, and he is one of the founders of the Felton Linux Users Group.

Larry uses a wide variety of GNU/Linux distros and likes most of them, but currently he primarily uses Korora and CrunchBang as his primary distros. What’s most imporant, though, is that he firmly believes  that you should use whichever distro works for you. While he fears no command line, he had an epiphany or satori in 2006 regarding the social, philosophical, political and economic benefits of using Free/Open Source Software and Hardware, and made it his avocation to promote FOSS. Larry’s brush with fleeting fame came in two instances: In the early ’90s he was the assistant script supervisor for the Saturday morning NBC comedy “Saved By the Bell;” and in 2006,  he was the Green Party’s candidate for Insurance Commissioner of California (270,218 votes, 3.2 percent).

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